Traditional Heavy Timber Carpentry & Woodwork

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We're about bringing back the timeless look and feel of heavy timbers, steep roofs, and classic joinery. Click to see what we mean.

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If you're someone who prefers classic, beautiful architecture to glass-plated modernity, you'll like what we do. Click for the services we offer.

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At Bytown Timberworks we have been crafting timber framed structures and furniture since 2004 from our shop just outside of Ottawa.


We're passionate about timber framing, from frame design, the cutting of your frame right up to raising day. As a small timber shop, our focus is on traditional joinery techniques. We take pride in using the tried-and-true methods first perfected by the skilled craftsmen of long ago.


We offer frames using locally available, sustainably harvested species such as white pine, douglas fir, oak and reclaimed timbers. Trees from our clients' own woodlots can also be milled and used in their project. Each Bytown Timberworks frame is taken from design to raising with the attention to detail and workmanship you expect whether your project is a new timber framed house, a timber addition or a simple cottage outhouse. 

A couple of short videos of a recent raising and work in the Bytown shop.