About Bytown Timberworks

Bytown Timberworks is owned by Ray Gibbs. For over 20 years, Ray has been hand crafting heavy timber structures out of his small shop just outside of Ottawa. For the most part Ray works alone, from the design, timber handling and cutting of joinery, pre-assembly to timber finishing and stacking, he takes the time to ensure every project gets the meticulous attention it deserves. On raising day, a seasoned timber crew is brought in to assist with the assembly and raising the frame.


Largely self-taught, Ray has no formal training other than a handful of workshops and courses over the years, including a memorable stint as part of a team of carpenters over in the UK that cut and raised a medieval style building from oak logs using only tools and methods common to the 12th century.


Ray’s introduction and lifelong love of heavy timber construction began as a young boy playing in the barn on the family farm in the early 70’s. It was these early years that nurtured an appreciation and reverence for the talent that true craftsmen of years ago possessed. 



After retiring from a 35 year career with a large electrical utility, Ray now fills his time as a contractor, beekeeper, collector of buildings and of course, timber framer. He lives with his wife and assistant Lynn near Greely, Ontario.

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