Our Services

As a "design & build" company, Bytown Timberworks will work with you to bring your ideas of a timber frame to life. Whether your vision of a timber frame is hand sketched on a napkin or from a magazine picture, we can work together to come up with a design that suits your needs.

Typically, based on the information you provide, we provide a preliminary 3D sketch of your timber frame for your review. Changes and additions/omissions are usually made and after a design is agreed to by you, a final set of shop drawings are produced. If required, we can have the drawings reviewed and sealed by a structural engineer as well. 

We also offer pre-designed frames that eliminate the designing stage and are ready to go. You can take a look at those on the pre-designed frames page.


Once the design is finalized, timber is ordered and the cutting of joinery starts at the Bytown shop. Depending on size and complexity, a typical frame takes 6 to 10 weeks of shop time to complete. All that’s left to do is deliver and “raise” the frame on your foundation. Raising is usually completed in one day with much excitement and revelry. 


Bytown Timberworks has crafted timber frames for small projects like outhouses up to full size cottages and everything in between. Contact us to discuss your timber frame ideas.